Take a Breath

I met Paul MacGregor on a GNHA hike. I totally admire and respect his love of these mountains that are off to our north-west in the upstate of SC.

I learned that Paul climbs mountains with Jill McFarlane Hendrix … mountains that have vertical walls so steep that I would consider the activity dangerous. But to Paul and Jill the adventure is a source of pure joy and love and it’s not dangerous to them at all. Paul would actually bristle at the use of the word “dangerous” in what they do. He has another word for it and I can’t recall what it is. There is a reason for his perspective.

The video below is a short story about two people who enjoy climbing mountains. They talk about their history of climbing for many years, the training involved, the benefits of climbing, safety, and the importance of “taking a breath.”

I have often avoided danger and there’s obviously good reason for that. Keep it safe, don’t take risks in life whether it be work, love, or simply helping an animal or human being to get their feet back on the ground. A recent Ted Talk episode that featured David Whyte entitled “A lyrical bridge between the past, present and future” explored 4 illusions that typically hold us all back. To simply avoid those things that might break our heart is not necessarily a good way to go. Otherwise, we simply might get stuck. So yes! Perhaps “take a breath,” and then take the next step.

I used the Panasonic Gh5 with an assortment of glass and of course the DJI Mavic Pro. Permission was granted in all the areas to film this story. This project was filmed in the fall of 2018.